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The story of Burnt Hickory Bartow

The elders and ministers of the Burnt Hickory Church of Christ in Marietta had a vision of becoming a church that plants churches. After careful consideration and planning, they determined that Bartow county was a prime location for their first plant. In September 2018, a team of people planted Burnt Hickory Bartow, a branch of Burnt Hickory. Initially the group met at the Clarence Brown Center in Cartersville. A new location was found, and in January 2020 we began meeting in our new location at Hamilton Crossing in North Cartersville. Our effort has been to take what is best about Burnt Hickory, mix it with a little of our own flavor, and allow the Spirit to create something new in Bartow County.

Our gatherings

As you can see, our gatherings don’t look like a lot of the church gatherings you may have been to. We are not all seated facing the front of the room and there is no longer a pulpit. While the information below will give you an idea of what it is like, there’s still a difference between explaining it and experiencing it. Come check it out! We would love to have you join us.

The idea for the room is that we are all facing each other. That’s because one of our values is community. We believe that this arrangement helps us connect to one another better. You will notice that our worship practices are very participatory. We talk together, pray together, read together and share together. Everyone is welcome to participate in all that we do.

Our worship time lasts between 45 minutes and an hour, and then we follow that up with Bible classes and lots of conversations. We are typically finished at about 11:40.

In the center of our room is a table. It’s a beautiful table with a small cross in the middle of it. This table is there to remind us that we gather together with Christ present. We claim that this is Christ’s table, and we are all invited to it. We celebrate communion every week, and everyone is invited to receive.

We are not a very formal church. We are a show up as you are and just be yourself kind of church. We love kids even when they are noisy. If you have any questions about what BH Bartow is like, feel free to email Jordan and he will do his best to answer you.

Our Mission

We have two guiding motivations that form our mission:

#1 – Be Disciples

We have given our lives to following Jesus, and we want that to be apparent. We want to take seriously the commands that Jesus gave us and be intentional in the way we live our lives for him. We want to be all in, sold out for Jesus.

#2 – Make Disciples

We believe that a life devoted to Jesus is the best life, and that this is good news for everyone. We want to talk with people about Jesus, share the love of God found in Jesus, and unite people to Jesus for the rest of eternity.

Jordan Tatum


Jordan has been with Bartow since August 2020. Jordan grew up in Texas and has ministered in churches in Texas and Minnesota. Jordan attended LCU, ACU, and Bethel Seminary, and has earned three ministry degrees along the way. 

Jordan is thrilled to be working with this church. He is married to Lindsey, and they have a son, Micah. 

Join Us!

Sundays @ 10 Am

10 Hamilton Blvd Nw, Cartersville

Live stream is available below

We have moved our weekly livestream over to our Facebook Page